St. Louis Muttropolitan

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About the Groomer

Mary Catherine has many years of experience.  She as been grooming dogs and cats since 1983.  She has learned what is best for grooming all breeds of dogs - large and small.

Many groomers do not feel comfortable grooming cats.  Mary Catherine, in addition to her own dog, Bear, has 2 cats of her own at her home.  She has the knack for grooming cats.  We feel she is possibly one of the best cat groomers in the St. Louis area.

Jill has been grooming dogs for over 8 years and she also provides both excellent grooming and the attention we all want our pets to receive.

Devon has been grooming dogs for over 3 years. She was trained by Mary Catherine and shares her experience with each dog she grooms.

Lori and September have each been grooming dogs for over 2 years

Unlike those big box style pet grooming service locations, we do not have the high overhead that necessitates their higher fees.  We also use more than two small squirts of shampoo when shampooing and grooming your pet.  Our staff will treat your pet with the highest degree of respect and attention. 


We will never resort to the use of a strong verbal attitude
with your pet while performing our services!

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